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Vincent started his coffee journey when he first landed Down Under in late 2014. Over the years he has acquired a high level of coffee-making skill and knowledge, first working as Barista and then later as a Trainer for different roasters around Sydney, including his own Sydney Barista Training school.

Throughout his years of training alongside coffee connoisseurs and in many cafes around Sydney, Vincent realised that there was a lack of a quality Barista programs meeting the current industry standards. Sydney Barista Training was founded as a result of this hole in the market, and with the vision of offering industry standard Barista training courses, teaching people exactly what is required in order to enter the cafe industry, and to do so in a much shorter amount of time. 

Vincent's courses have gained a stellar reputation in Sydney and have helped many to connect with each other -cafes with highly skilled Baristas, and vice versa. Providing this quality platform for specialty coffee training and education has been an asset to both the cafe industry and the Baristas of tomorrow. 




2015 - 2018

2018 - 2021


Came to Australia and landed his first job as Kitchen Hand. It took Vincent nearly 6 months to learn the basics of making coffee and first time made himself a coffee with a love heart! He then worked as All-rounder in a small café, where his passion for coffee started growing.

Still working as Coffee All-Rounder in a number of cafes and venues in Sydney. During this period, Vincent acquired many valuable coffee skills and customer service and found himself truly love what he was doing. He entered his first National competition in 2018 and became one of the Finalists. During this period, he also competed in multiple Smackdowns and gained a huge reputation for being the winner many times

Vincent started his training journey by sharing his skills and knowledge about coffee to his friends in a form of a private-class, then the growing demand has urged him to develop proper courses to meet the industry standards. During this time, apart from running his own Sydney Barista Training centre, Vincent also provided Contract trainer service for some of the biggest cafes and roasters in Sydney including Pablo & Rustys, Coffee Curators, Roastville, as well as got involved in online training project with Breville company. His specialty in Barista skills and Latte Art also made him become Latte Art Finalists in ASCA competition 2019. 

Vincent is now the Founder and Head trainer at Australia Barista Training.

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Check out our large array of Barista courses here... from the fundamentals all the way through to advanced latte art and brewing, there is sure to be something here for any novice or pro Barista!


Check out our training packages here, courses which range from beginner barista courses all the way through to the fancier more advanced skills you can show off to your friends and future customers!


"I have had no experience and have never learned anything coffee related before. Where do I start?"

Every beginners should start with our Fundamental Skills course. This session will teach you how to operate the coffee machine and familiarise yourself with all the processes of coffee-making from start to finish. It is jam-packed with practice, and with very little theory. You'll be able to make yourself a cuppa in no time! You'll even master basic Latte Art during this course. The course can be upgraded to another package after completion if you wish.




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