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Choose A Barista Training Package

If you are not sure which course to choose, do not fret! We have three awesome packages to help you begin your Barista career or take you all the way to the industry standard with your latte art skills and extraction knowledge. Whether you are pondering the idea and just ready to dabble or you are 100% ready to blaze trails in the coffee world, we have a package to suit you!

We're here to help!

Still not sure which package suits your need?

Call us on 0468645678 and ask away!


    Choose any 2 courses for cheaper fee
    Valid for 2 months
    • Select any courses from 101 to 202
    • Up to 2 sessions total
  • Barista Experience

    I want to learn all Barista skills!
    • Learn all skills from Beginner to Intermediate
    • 4 training sessions plus 2 cafe internship sessions
    • Life-time coaching
  • Pro Barista

    I want to learn and gain actual cafe experience
    • Learn all skills from Beginner to Intermediate
    • 6 training sessions plus 6 internship sessions
    • Resume reference
    • Life-time online coaching

All the perks you'll get from your training package

(actual photos from our students who did it)

Open Sign

1 on 1 training from the Basics

Specialty coffee training standard

Learn all hot and cold coffee menu

Latte Art as a Pro

Consistency in every orders

Handle multiple coffee orders effectively

Internship to gain actual experience

Working high volume under direct supervision

Certify your skills and provide reference

Coffee extraction knowledge and tasting

Be confident in your skills

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